Customer Reviews

At Just Diving Limited, we care what our customers’ think, that’s why all students receive an evaluation form after they have completed a course with us. If you want to find out what our students think about our dive school read their comments below.

What made you choose Just Diving Ltd ?

Enthusiastic response and friendly staff – Dave T

How comfortable did you feel with asking for advice and support ?

Help and support was always available and never a problem – Ellie T

In Open Water how comfortable did you feel with the support ?

I felt very safe with all the instructors and crew with me – Jason P

How well was your initial enquiry dealt with ?

Very well, it was pleasure to speak to everyone at Just Diving Ltd – Francesa C

How well do you rate the Crew ?

Excellent, felt in safe hands. Sorry I spilt the coffee! – Matt W

How well did you rate the course ?

The Rescue Diver course was excellent, I felt I had qualified as a rescue diver and not just passed a test – Ian A

Would you recommend Just Diving to your friends ?

Without any doubt – Mark J

How well would you rate the Crew ?

Very helpful in every aspect of diving. Very good quality – Kirsty G

How well did you rate the course ?

Excellent, Andrea & Brian made me feel comfortable and at ease to ask any questions – Sarah L

How would you rate your overall level of customer care and satisfaction ?

Fantastic. Well looked after, The Crew are great, nice tea. Thanks. –Simon P

What made you choose Just Diving Ltd ?

Received brochure and DVD in post with lots of photos. Looked fun – Julie H

How easy were the PADI Course Materials to follow and use ?

Very good, easy format. The DVD made it a lot easier to follow. I have not had this at other dive schools – Mike N

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