Scuba diving is just one of the types of diving. Here, the divers are required to bring along their own supply of breathing gas in the form of compressed air, which in turn gives them a greater sense of freedom and movement. The type of equipment can vary from closed circuit breathers, to open circuit and even scrubbed breathing apparatus.

This form of diving while first discovered for professional needs, is now way more popular as a means of recreation. Moreover, today professional applications such as public safety roles, military and scientific prefer surface supplied diving equipment as opposed to self-sufficient scuba diving gear.


In scuba diving one moves under water using fins on their feet although external propulsions are available to cover larger distances. Some other unique attachments include a dive mask for better visibility and also to breath the air in. Then we have buoyancy control, diving suits and the likes. To dive first, interested individuals must be trained in skills and procedure before they are certified and allowed to dive or even procure equipment. Moreover, there is a specific minimum requirement of fitness that has to be met otherwise interested individuals may be disqualified by most diving training agencies.

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